The Possibilities are Endless

It Really Happened…

On August 4, 2013, Brad fell victim to an arteriovenous malformation, also known as an AVM of the brain. All of his doctors, but one neurosurgeon who treated him, actually wrote him off.

Brad dealt with all kinds of rehabilitation with incredible therapists, but we couldn’t exactly grasp what had happened to him, although we learned more and more as time went by.

The press took notice of how Brad’s wife, Jessica, was raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Brad’s recovery for specialty robotics. Many news outlets wanted to interview him. The most enjoyable of all was meeting Irv Gitovsky, a meteorologist on New York television and radio stations, who read about Brad and made it his personal mission to follow his treatment and continuing labor to be well as soon as possible.

Irv and his wife came to Brad and Jessica’s home and interviewed Jess, Brad, and the boys. Then he carried the story to his news broadcast and the struggle, as well as our ongoing success caught the interest of his major television audience.

From then on, Irv became a family member and often had dinner with the them. He even interviewed the boys in their bedroom. It was a sweet moment for his TV audience.

As Brad’s mother, I still can’t imagine what others thought as they watched our family suffer. I truly admire Brad’s strength and determination to tell his story so openly in this way; that’s why I can tell mine. I wrote a book about it entitled, “The Possibilities Are Endless,” which will be published in early spring of 2021.

Brad is now healthy, and I am happy; in fact, very happy.

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