Brad Talks

The press took notice of how Jess was raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to support my recovery, and many news outlets wanted to interview me.

Jess ensured that I had amazing help when I got home from the hospital. She hired an aide named Joseph Brown, who became my caregiver and remains like a brother to me to this day.

Recovering from a brain injury is all consuming. 100% consuming. I once told my incredible neurosurgeon that it feels like going through life with somebody playing defense against you. However, you learn how to navigate it with time. You just have to run over obstacles.

I am lucky. I recovered from something that kills most people who experience it. Although I survived, my marriage didn’t. Jess and I split up in 2019. That part was sad, because we grew apart, but we were able to separate while remaining close friends and very cooperative co-parents to our sons. Our relationship is forever bound by respect, admiration, and a commitment to put our sons first.

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