Brad Talks

I remember calling Jessica the “quarterback” of my recovery because she managed my rehab schedule, my medical team, my mental health, the equipment that I needed and much, much more, all while ensuring that our two young sons were safe and well cared for. She was Superwoman who did everything possible for me out of love. Jessica ensured that while being inpatient for four months and while having several brain surgeries, I never had a problem with having our health insurer cover the expense. She also saw that I was never alone in the hospital. She literally had a sign-up sheet to ensure that I had company for every minute that I was awake.

The two people who I trusted the most while I was struggling were Jess and my brother, Dave. I trusted Jess because she was honest with me. She would admit that the situation was hard and bad while others tried to paint a rosier picture that I couldn’t believe because I felt awful.

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