About Marsha

I am writing this book to express my feelings as I felt through my son’s illness. It was, and still is, a difficult journey. And I think it will interest people enough to read my book..

My life was fulfilled as a mom, wife and grandmother. Things were perfect and as with most people, there comes a time when life takes curves and unexpected things happen. I believe there is definitely an audience that will be enthralled by this story. It has substance and moves people to feel just how difficult journeys like this occur. Nobody gets through this life unscathed. Disease is a part of life and fortunately we were lucky enough to have superior medical care to get us through.

I have been a student all my life, and now I have written a book. I also plan to go back to school to achieve a master’s degree. When you get to a certain age you realize that using your brain all the time is very important.

For 35 years I was a medical assistant for an internist and I loved my job. After Brad got sick, I quit my job to be part of the dedicated team that took care of him. From then on, for the next eight years, I put myself into continual motion. When I thought I was ready, I decided to begin training as a caregiver coach at a local hospital. I then realized that I was not ready to be in a hospital setting again. My role as a caretaker diminished, but the feelings are still present and will probably never go away.

The journey never stops, but as you age you want to use your abilities to help others as much as possible. At this point, I am thankful and grateful for those who supported us through this and who are still present in our lives.

Another personal accomplishment was creating and initiating another caregivers center in Westchester County, New York. It is a one of a kind physical therapy facility.

I just don’t let things happen to me, I am proactive. I hope the reader will find this book to be a little different than other ones which deal with medical anomalies.

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