The Response Has Been Astounding

The response to my book has been astounding. I didn’t know there were that many people who would care about what happened to Brad and our family. But the reviews prove I was wrong.

The community and extended family supported us then and to this day they never forgot how much we all mean to each other. I live in an incredibly special place. I don’t know any other locale I’d like to live in. Whenever any one of us needs another, we are here for each and every one. When a close friend of mine developed cancer I went to her house, I brought her food and we chatted about all that we had missed.

She, of course, was just as kind as a friend could be when I needed her help as well as from the others I have known for years.

That’s what friends are for. I love the expression, “pay it forward,” as it says it all.

I look forward to being there for longstanding friends who have loved me like a sister. It’s what life should be about.

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